Website management

One account. Multiple websites. Simple management and collaboration.

sitengn is a hosted system, so like your other favourite cloud-based apps, there is no installation required, no hosting to arrange, and no maintenance or updates to worry about. So you can just concentrate on building and using your website.

Manage your team and roles

A site administrator can give access to designers, developers, content editors and translators, with privileges that suit their roles. Additional user roles can also be created, with custom privileges. Each user has their own sitengn account to access and manage all the sites they contribute to.

Control your website status

You can make your website appear offline to the public during construction, testing or maintenance (displaying your custom error document), but fully functional to your team while signed in. Just switch it to Online when you're ready to go live.

Add languages

If your website has a multilingual audience, you can localise all your content by enabling any number of additional languages and giving access to your translators. Each language can be hidden from public display until the translation is done.
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