Languages and translation

Translate everything

sitengn is designed for fully-localised websites. All content in the CMS can be translated to other languages – not just the content visible on your pages, but also URLs, meta descriptions, menu labels, error messages, email templates, image captions, and more.

All languages are supported

UTF-8 encoding is used everywhere, so almost all languages' character sets are supported for proper localisation. Both left-to-right and right-to-left languages are supported while editing content and when displaying the content on your web pages.

Optimised for search engines

On multi-language websites, all URLs start with the language code to keep them unique. Language-related tags and attributes are automatically inserted into the HTML of your pages and your sitemap file, so search engines can direct your visitors to the correct page in their language.

Tools for translators

In the CMS, translators work in a familiar side-by-side layout with the original content, with tools to highlight changes since the previous revision, to use translation memory, to calculate word counts and to keep track of progress. Translators who prefer to use their favourite CAT tool can transfer the content in XLIFF format. Drafts and revisions also apply to translated content.

Translation memory

If you are a translator, you can import your translation memory (TMX files) into one or more groups. When editing your content, you can select which groups to use to highlight the source text. Just roll over the highlighted words and select an option to insert into your translation editor.