Design and development

Designers design. Developers develop. Ideally, at the same time.

sitengn is designed to keep the content separate from both the structure/style and the functionality, so you're not all waiting to edit the same files. Designers can work on HTML and CSS files while developers write code and site owners edit their content in the CMS.

Design with your favourite tools

With sitengn, designers work with pure HTML files – without any PHP tags – so you can use your favourite HTML design tool and keep your markup well formatted. You just place simple text tokens like [element1] where content should be inserted, so everything looks how it should while designing.
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Add functionality where you need it

For many websites, sitengn provides all the functionality you need with no additional code necessary. But if you need to add forms or a shopping cart, use data from your own business databases, modify the page contents, or any other custom functionality, you can add PHP scripts to run on any page or all pages. Let sitengn handle all the routine stuff and just concentrate on your custom features.
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Secure access to files

Access to your site's files is by secure FTP (SFTP). There's a special directory for files accessed by the CMS, and your other files can go wherever you like.
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Internationalisation / Localisation

sitengn supports multiple languages throughout, so UTF-8 encoding is used for everything, including all internal content and all HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS files.


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