In the Lists section of the CMS, you can create and manage any content which is displayed as a list, such as your Latest News, an FAQ or even image galleries. Lists can be sorted and paginated, styled with your own CSS and even customised with your own templates.

Creating lists

Every list can have a different number and types of list elements, for which content is then added in every list item. Lists can be configured in many ways, for example:

  • A Latest News list could have a date/time, a headline, an author, a summary and the full article.
  • An FAQ list would have a question and an answer, and possibly a category.
  • A gallery would have an image (and thumbnail), a caption, and maybe some meta data.

A list can be created with any number of elements of these types:

  • Text - HTML or plain text
  • Number - Any number, an integer or fixed decimal places
  • Date - Set manually, or set when the list item is added or updated
  • Date/Time - Set manually, or set when the list item is added or updated
  • Image - Select an image from uploaded images
  • List element - Use a text element from another list

Adding list items

When adding a list item, you are presented with different fields for the various element types: a text field, image selector, or date/time picker.

All text content can be controlled with drafts and revisions, and translated to other languages.

Displaying lists

Lists are inserted into your pages with a token like [list1]. By default, the generated HTML is an unordered list which you can style however you like with CSS. Or if you have a more custom requirement, you can create your own HTML list template, or retrieve the data as an array to process however you like.

For each list, you can specify a default sorting rule and the number of items to show. If you need to change how the list appears in different contexts, you can add parameters to the token to modify the sorting rule and number of items displayed. List items can be sorted:

  • by a selected list element, in ascending or descending alpha-numeric order, or
  • manually, by dragging list items into position.


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