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Images and files

In the Files section of the CMS, you can upload images and other files to use on your website. Images can be easily inserted into HTML editors, and any file can be downloaded with the provided URL.

Uploading files

Some images and files might have already been uploaded by FTP for use in the website's design or functionality. Those files can be used on your site, but can't be managed from the console. So any images and files which form part of your content, or which need to be used by your more non-technical users, can be uploaded in the Files section of the console:

  • Upload one or more files at once
  • Add a short description or tags/keywords to aid searching for files
  • Optionally create a custom-sized thumbnail for image files (e.g. for use in galleries)
  • Replace an existing file with an updated version, preserving the current file ID and URLs

Using images and downloading files

HTML editors throughout the console include an Insert image tool, so you can easily search for the required image by file ID, filename or words in the file description/tags, and then insert it at the cursor position.

For each file, two URLs are provided:

  • a source/link URL, for use in HTML src or href attributes
  • a download URL, to force a file download


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