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Email templates

If you need to send emails like confirmations, notifications or newsletters to your website users, you can create email templates in the CMS, with placeholder tokens for data such as the customer's details. Email templates can also be translated so you can send emails in the customer's preferred language.

Creating email templates

  • Provide the subject and body text
  • Insert tokens to be replaced with the relevant text, e.g. [FirstName] or [OrderID]
  • Select an SMTP account to send the email through
  • Translate the subject and body text to other languages

Sending emails

Emails are sent from your scripts with the provided function and a few parameters:

  • the ID of the email template to use,
  • the language (which defaults to the language the visitor is viewing),
  • the data to replace any tokens with,
  • other options like Cc and Bcc recipients, and attachments.


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