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Drafts and revisions

When you're updating your content in the CMS, you can preview your draft changes on the website before publishing them, and if you want to discard your changes or restore an older version of the content, you can select a previously archived revision.

If you're adding new content, or making changes to existing content, you don't want your website visitors to see the new content until you're happy with it. When you start editing most text and HTML content, it goes into draft mode, which allows you and your team to see your latest changes while you're logged in to the console, while everyone else continues to see the existing version. When you're ready to publish your changes, you commit that content item, with the option to archive the existing version.

The Revision button allows you to roll back to a previous version of your content:

  • While you are drafting changes to a content item, you can discard all changes by retrieving the existing version.
  • If you archived previous versions of the content, you can retrieve any previous revision.


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