Content management

A simple, flexible and powerful content management system

The sitengn CMS can handle all the usual content and usage scenarios, and a few more.

Pages, URLs and menus as you want them

In the sitengn CMS, you can add and edit your site's content at any time. Create pages with the desired URLs, arrange them in a hierarchy for your main menu and control their display and other properties.
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Flexible page layouts

Your pages can have different templates for layout and design, and each template can have any number of separate editable elements containing the content, all of which can be translated into other languages.
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Manage images and files

You can upload images and other files to display on, or link from your pages.
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Custom lists

You can create all sorts of custom lists, like an FAQ, Latest News or image gallery, to display on any page.
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Email templates

If you need to send emails like user notifications or order confirmations from your site, you can create email templates with placeholders for the recipient's data, and use the supplied function to send them through your own SMTP account.
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Drafts and revisions

While you're drafting your content, you can preview your changes on the website, then publish them when you're ready, or revert to a previous version. Drafts and revisions apply separately to each content element.
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To-do list

The to-do list is a summary of all content which is either empty, in draft mode, or needs translation. Just click each item to review and edit it.
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