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Custom websites

for customised websites

When you can't do everything you need to do with another CMS and its available plugins, sitengn can save you from building a whole custom website from scratch. Let sitengn handle all the routine website operation and content management stuff, and just add your custom functionality on top.

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Multiple languages

for multi-language websites

With the sitengn CMS, absolutely everything can be localised. Page content, URLs, titles, menus, error messages, email notifications and more, can be translated into any number of languages. URLs include the language code, and all the language-related elements required for optimal browsing and indexing by search engines are automatically inserted into your pages and sitemap.

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List of pages

for site owners

sitengn is the ideal platform for multi-language and fully-customised websites with your own domain name. As a hosted system, there's no installation, configuration or server maintenance to worry about and all your sites are in one account. Edit your content with the flexible content management system (CMS), and give access to your designers, developers, and translators to do the rest.

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HTML sample

for designers

With sitengn, HTML and PHP code are in separate files, so you can edit and preview your HTML templates offline without having to execute scripts or wait for developers. Just place tokens like [page-title] and [element1] where the CMS content should go.

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PHP code sample

for developers

sitengn can natively generate most pages, but if you need to add custom features like forms, a shopping cart or a customer area, you can add PHP scripts to run on every page or individual pages. Your scripting environment only contains one reserved variable with content-related data and functions, so you otherwise have a blank slate for your own code.

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Translation panel

for translators

Edit your translations in a side-by-side layout with the original content. Highlight changes since the last revision, and import your translation memory files to highlight and insert common phrases into your translations. All content uses UTF-8 encoding, and right-to-left languages are supported. In the content to-do list, check your word counts and keep track of your progress. 

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Need a website?

If you need a new website, please get in touch to discuss requirements or request a demonstration.

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